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Forming Your Own Philosophy With A Professional Life Coach

Stop Blaming the Ingredients

Whether it's a good or a bad thing, we can agree that postmodern American culture is focused on blaming problems on governments, institutions, and hierarchies. Taxes can be high, governments can over-regulate, economies can stagnate, but here is the secret: these are the ingredients you were given to cook up success. 

Try being thankful that you get 24 hours in a day and you are living in the Land of Opportunity with historically high levels of wealth and comfort. Gratitude leads to more happiness, less resentment, and more success. 

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Increase in rates of severe depression, suicide, and self-injury over the last decade.

A Personal Life Coach Can Change Your Life Today!

Men are exceedingly weaker than in times past. Addiction to social media, pornography, and substances have caused many men to become isolated and depressed. Poor eating habits and lack of exercise have led to record levels of obesity. A drastic move away from traditional values and Judeo-Christian morality has caused insurmountable damage to American men and society as a whole. The Based and Built program's philosophy is centered around the following ideas:

  • God is love

  • Our job is to love God, love others, and love ourselves

  • By living in virtue, we can do all three

  • Physical fitness is a byproduct of virtue

Based and Built will help you avoid the pitfalls of modern-day American culture and help you live a simple, disciplined life full of happiness and fulfillment. If you are struggling in mind, body, or spirit, we can help! 

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