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Milwaukee Life Coach for Men

Why Choose Based and Built?

Welcome, I'm Joe Jarrell, founder of Based and Built. I am a living example of the benefits outlined in this program. I practice what I preach because it works, plain and simple. Whether it's spiritual, physical, or mental, I guide individuals away from an unfulfilling life and place them on a path so they can reach their highest potential. 

Failure is the best teacher, and it has constantly taught me throughout my formative years. I was driven by ego most of my life. I sought external validation from friends and family, thinking that impressing them meant I was living a fulfilled life.  

I chased the typical fruits: prestige at work, money, fancy possessions, pleasure, etc. All at the behest of my mental, physical, and spiritual health. Culture, Hollywood, and and my smartphone told me this is what I wanted and I didn't know better.  

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Christian motivational speaker

Validation through external factors can never bring peace and happiness. I started to realize this in my early 20's. At which point I started to focus most of my free time on self-reflection, meditation, and prayer. I believe my life's purpose is to help as many people live happy, fulfilled lives as I can.   

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Self improvement coach

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