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Milwaukee's Life Coach

Life coach in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Based and Built Program will make you fully confident in faith and body, allowing you to reach your highest potential. 


Forge strong habits to improve mental health and increase mental toughness.

Personal development coach in Milwaukee


Daily workouts to achieve high levels of physical fitness

Christian personal trainer


Focus outward rather than inward for maximum fulfillment

Christian life coach
Male life coach

My Mission

Men are considerably weaker than in past times: phone addiction, addiction, pornography, obesity rates, lack of spiritual life...the list goes on. 


There are specific foundational principles that allow people to live happy, fulfilled lives and they have little overlap with the principles guiding post-modern American culture. I believe my life's purpose is to share this with the world and help as many people as I can.

The Program

Health in Mind, Body, & Spirit

Non-Negotiable Morning Routine

Doing difficult tasks is the only way to improve mental toughness. It's paramount to remember that everything stems from first mastering the ability to do things you don't want to do.  

Habit Creation & Habit Tracking

Confidence is the reward for doing difficult tasks repeatedly. Apart from doing the three non-negotiable habits that you have to do, you will create your own habits you wish to follow and track them in a journal. 

Operation at High Vibrational Energy

Being in a negative state is a choice. We choose to elevate ourselves to highly positive states, which is objectively the best state to live life. A lifestyle reserved for the grateful and disciplined.

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Encouraging Advice for Men

America is experiencing record rates of depression, suicides, and obesity. The radical shift in the foundation of America's philosophy has created numerous detrimental effects on our culture. Now more than ever, people need strong moral foundations to improve their quality of life. If you are interested in learning about living a disciplined, fulfilling life with traditional values, contact me today!   

Gym Tools

Christian Life & Fitness Coaching

First we discipline the mind through forced and difficult daily habits. Then we progress towards achieving fitness goals and new levels of piety. The results are extreme happiness and fulfillment, a stronger disposition to love others, and a complete comfortability in your nature. 

Whether it's spiritual, physical, or mental, Based and Built will guide you away from an unfulfilling life and place you on a path so you can reach your highest potential. Contact Based and Built today for help!

Christian personal trainer in Milwaukee

Client Testimonials

Forward Fold

Levi M.

Before I met Joe, I was an overweight and depressed person. Frankly, I was an unintelligent loser without a future. I hated my life.  Looking back now, I see that my outlook on the world, and myself, was awful. With a lot of work, and patience on Joe’s part, he helped guide me to a better life. He showed me the right way to live my life. I listened. I took his advice to heart and made the changes that needed to be made.

Lady Justice.jpg

Palmer C.

More than anything, Joe's program helped me achieve my goal of scoring a 173 on the LSAT (99th percentile) and receive a scholarship to attend a T-14 Law School. A key part of the program is the accountability for completing your daily habits. As one of my habits was studying for the LSAT, I saw tremendous progress that helped me secure a future at a top-tier law school.

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T. S.

Joe's program helped me lose 30 pounds in less than six months.

Image by James Coleman

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